The Innovation Station

Student 3D Printing

The Innovation Station, a makerspace located on the  main level of the Library, offers various technologies for exploration, creation, learning, and invention. All equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis to Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University students, faculty, and staff though some equipment can be reserved in advance. Users must agree to the Makerspace Policies and Guidelines (pdf) and complete the Maker Information and Agreement Form before using the equipment. Some equipment requires pre-authorization or a scheduled training before independent use. Schedule an appointment for a tour of the space, to print with the large format printer, or for authorization and training.  

Users should sign-in to The Innovation Station each time they use the space.

For direct assistance with the Innovation Station, contact Youlanda Halterman via email or call 410-617-6862.

The Innovation Station features:

Arduino/Raspberry Pi

Users may use designated stations at the Library to experiment or create their own project powered by an Arduino or Raspberry Pi computer board. Basic instruction available upon request. Users must be pre-authorized to check out a kit. Kits may not be taken out of the Library. Long term projects may be stored in a locker.

Brother SE-400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Mend, sew, or embroider fabrics. Users must schedule and complete a 60 minute training to be eligible for independent use. Users must check out a kit from the Help Desk.  The library offers basic supplies to get started but it is the patrons responsibility to provide their own supplies for their specific projects. Hat Embroidery Hoop is available for check out upon request.

Button Maker

Create 2.25” pinback buttons. Users may check out a kit with materials to make up to 25 buttons a day. The button maker may be reserved in advance for individual use.  Group use must be scheduled up to three days in advance to ensure adequate supplies to meet the needs of the group.  Users are welcome to provide their own supplies if they wish to exceed the 25/person a day limit.


Take photos or record a video. A Nikon D80 and Sony Handycam are available for check out at the Help Desk and are eligible for use outside the library. Available only for Notre Dame users is a Nikon D40x.

Cricut Maker

Cut, score, draw, and write on a wide array of materials to create components for projects. Users must schedule and complete a one time 60 minute training to be eligible for independent use. Users must check out a kit from the Help Desk. Tools and basic materials are supplied in the kit. 12" x 24" mats are available for checkout upon request. Users must provide their own supplies for their individual projects. 

Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder 3-D Printers (2)

Use PLA filament to build three dimensional models. Users must schedule and complete a one time 30 minute training for independent use. Users must check out an accessory kit from the Help Desk. Reservations are encouraged for printing sessions longer than 3 hours. Users must seek assistance from the Help Desk with issues concerning filament.  Except when unavoidable, all print jobs should be completed before the library closes.

HP Sprout with 3D Capture Stage

Scan small 3D objects to create models for editing, merging into projects, or 3D printing. The 3D Capture Stage is available for checkout from the Help Desk for automatic scanning.


Laminate materials up to 8.5" x 11" inches and up to .015” thick. Users may request up to five (8.5" x 11") lamination pouches per day from the Help Desk. Users may provide their own pouches for jobs exceeding the daily limit or to better meet their project needs.

Large Format Printer

Print high quality photographic and graphic design posters. Only available via appointment with Technology Support staff. Works must be original, in the public domain, or for which copyright permissions have been granted. Students may not exceed 15' per semester and staff/faculty may not exceed 30' per semester. 

One Button Studio

Create a video assignment, practice and review a presentation, record a presentation or lecture, and more. This mobile station, with battery pack, can be rolled to other locations within the library, but must be plugged in for recording. A green screen is available upon request from the Help Desk. 

Recording Studio

Studio equipped with Logic Pro X software allows for every aspect of music creation including recording, arranging, mixing, and more. The studio may be reserved in advance. Ask at the Help Desk for access.

Sense 3D Scanner

Scan larger 3D objects for editing, merging into projects, or 3D printing. The Sense with laptop is available for checkout from the Help Desk and may be used outside the library.

Virtual Reality

Google Cardboards

Experience Virtual Reality with a smartphone. Users place their smartphone inside a cardboard headset to view and interact with mobile VR experiences and 360 degree videos.
Three individual Google Cardboards are available for one-day checkout and may be used within the library. A classroom set of 30 Google Cardboard headsets is available for reservation and one-week checkout by Loyola and Notre Dame Faculty. The classroom set may be used within or outside the library.

HTC Vive 

Use a headset, included hand controllers, and optional Bluetooth game controller to navigate through a library of VR applications and games. Equipment is available on a first-come first serve basis, dependent on room availability. Ask at the Help Desk to check out the hand controllers for either a "seated" or "standing" station to be used in the VR Classroom (1022). 

Yi 360 VR Camera

Capture videos and images in 360 degrees. This camera records video in 5.7K and images in 16 megapixels, and can stream footage live to Facebook or YouTube. Kit includes camera, tripod, charging cable, SD card, and manual. Available for one-week checkout to Loyola and Notre Dame faculty. Files on the SD card should be deleted before being returned.

Lockers are available for long-term or single day storage for Makerspace patrons. Store project materials securely with a user-created key code.

A green screen backdrop is available in the VR Classroom and is available for in library use.

Makerspace Help 

Makerspace Technology Reservation