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Disability Support

To better serve users with disabilities, the Library provides specialized services and equipment. Persons with hearing impairments should use the Maryland Relay Service (Dial 7-1-1 in Maryland or 1-800-735-2258) for the telephone numbers listed below.

Library Contacts for Disability Support

ADA Coordinator for the Library

Danielle Whren Johnson, Copyright and Special Projects Librarian

Help Desk



The parking lot has three designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities.

Library Entrances

A wheelchair accessible ramp is available at the main entrance to the Library. Patrons should arrive by the east walkway, which is closest to the parking lot.


All floors of the library can be reached by public elevators. If you need assistance entering and exiting the elevator, ask for assistance at the Help Desk. 

A wheelchair accessible elevator is available to provide access to the front of the auditorium.


Restrooms with handicap accessible stalls are located on all levels of the Library. Accessible single stall restrooms are located on the main level and lower level of the library.


Loyola and Notre Dame faculty, students, and staff with disabilities may request a guided tour of the library. Contact the Library ADA Coordinator at 410-617-6872 to arrange a tour.

Evacuation Procedures

If the building is evacuated, library users who need assistance should wait inside the nearest stairwell. Designated library employees clear the building during an emergency, check the stairwell entrances for library users who require assistance, and will notify Emergency personnel. Fire Department personnel also routinely check stairwell entrances during a fire emergency.

Service Animals

The library prohibits bringing any animals into the building unless they are service animals to provide service to persons with disabilities or are for use in activities sanctioned by the library. Users from Loyola and Notre Dame should comply with the regulations on service animals at their respective universities. 

Event Accommodations

Accommodations for library sponsored events can be requested by contacting Michelle Williams. For events sponsored by Loyola contact Loyola Event Services. For events sponsored by Notre Dame contact Notre Dame Conference Services.

The Ridley Auditorium is equipped with an assistive listening device. For access to the device please ask at the Help Desk or contact Michelle Williams prior to the event.

Accessible PDFs in Databases

PDFs in library databases should be accessible. Faculty members should provide permanent links to articles and ebooks when available. For information on permanent links visit our Finding Permalinks and Stable URLs page

If you encounter a PDF in a database that is not accessible or are unable to locate an existing electronic version of library materials contact the Digital Technology Web Supervisor to obtain an accessible pdf copy of the materials.

Library Publications in Alternative Formats

All public printed materials, including worksheets and pamphlets may be requested in an electronically accessible format. If in need of an alternative format, please contact the Library ADA Coordinator at 410-617-6872.

Retrieval and Circulation of Library Materials

Library users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving and reshelving materials at the Help Desk on the main level of the library. 

Designating a Proxy Authorized to Check Out Materials on Your Behalf

Users with disabilities may check out materials through regular circulation procedures. One  may wish to have another individual (a proxy) check out requested materials on their behalf. To give proxy authorization to another person, write a letter that includes the following information:

  • Name of student with disability
  • Name of authorized person to check out the materials
  • Library card barcode number of student with disability
  • The statement: I understand I am responsible for ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS charged to my library card by this authorization.
  • Signature of student with disability
  • Date

This note should be submitted to the Help Desk and will be kept on file. 

Photocopying & Scanning

Library users with disabilities may request assistance with scanning or photocopying at the Help Desk.

Video Captions , Transcripts, and Audio Description

The Library subscribes to multiple streaming video databases, which provide access to closed captioning and transcripts. For information on how to use the closed captioning and transcript features, visit:

If you encounter a video in a streaming database without captions or a transcript please contact the Library ADA Coordinator at 410-617-6872.

The library provides access to individually licensed streaming videos and videos produced by Loyola and Notre Dame. Publicly available streaming videos include closed captions. Videos licensed for courses will be captioned on request. To request captioning for these videos, contact the Library ADA Coordinator at 410-617-6872. 

The Library has an extensive collection of DVDs and VHS tapes. If captioning is needed, contact the Library ADA Coordinator at 410-617-6872.


If your class is scheduled for a research instruction session at the Library and you need special assistance, please contact the Research and Instruction Librarians to make a request for assistance in advance.


NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerized voice. You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard. It is available on all public computers in the library. 

NVDA Training Guides

Optelec Viewer (Print Magnifier)

The Optelec Viewer allows for the display, magnification, and creation of contrast in print documents. The Optelec Viewer is located on the lower level of the library. 

Additional Equipment

Scanners available on the main level of the library can create searchable PDF documents that can be read by text-to-speech software.

Headphones/Microphones are available for use in the library and may be checked out from the Help Desk on the main level of the library.