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Sewing and Embroidery

Available for in library use:

  • (1) SE625 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • (1) SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • (1) CS7000X Sewing and Quilting Machine
  • (1) Hat hoop upon request
  • (1) PC equipped with SewArt, SewWhat Pro, Inkscape with Ink/Stitch
  • Needles (75/11, 90/14, and 90/14 ball point)
  • Tear away and Cut away stabilizer
  • Threads
  • Fabric for learning

Available for out of library use:

  •  (1) Hand Sewing Kit

Uses are:

  • Mending 
  • Sewing on buttons
  • Designing garments
  • Design custom embroidery
  • Embellishing garments

Users should:

  • complete training before independent use of the machines
  • check out kits from the Help Desk

Users may:

Video Tour Sewing and Embroidery Help Sewing and Embroidery Training Videos