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In the Spotlight


Looking for a break from your work in the library? Check out the library's exam period events and activities! 

Zine Making

Thursday, December 8, 4-5 pm
Register for the Zine Making Workshop.
A zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a small-batch, self-published DIY magazine made popular in the 1990s in punk subcultures as a way to share information and ideas amongst local communities. This workshop will take you through the origin of zines and zine culture and teach you the basics of zine creation. By the end of the pop up, you’ll have one “master flat” to photocopy and share with the world!

Bingo Night 

Monday, December 12th, 7-8 pm
Register to receive the Zoom link.
Play Bingo. Win Prizes. 

Yoga @ LNDL

Tuesday, December 13th, 11am-12pm
Register for the Yoga Class
Take a break from your work to attend a yoga class on the first floor of the library!

Coffee & Cookies

Tuesday, December 13th, 2-4 pm
LNDL First Floor Gallery
Enjoy snacks from the library! 


Wednesday, December 14th, 6-7 pm
Register for the workshop.
Create a stuffed animal and decorate accessories. 

Finals Fuel Cart 

Thursday, December 15th, 6-9 pm
LNDL Gallery
Drop by the library for a sweet study snack! Accepting Cash, Credit, and Loyola Meal points.  

Ongoing activities on the first floor

Snack and Tea Station
Crafts Table
Puzzle Table
Video Game Station