Printing and Scanning at the Library

Attention users: The Library is transitioning to a new printing system. When complete, Loyola and Notre Dame faculty, students, and staff will use the same process to print as they do on their campuses. Community members will continue to have access to scanning services, but will no longer be able to print or copy in the Library. This page will be updated with new instructions and policies when the system is in place.

Printers and scanners are available on the first floor across from the front desk.

Library Printing for Loyola Users

Printing at the library is just as easy as it is to print on other parts of your campus. Once your document is ready to go:

The library charges the Loyola rate. More information can be found at Loyola's printing page.

Library Printing for Notre Dame Users

  1. Print your document from a Library computer to "Library B&W" and "Library Color"
  2. Enter your Loyola or Notre Dame email address
  3. Swipe your school ID at the printer to release your print job

Note: Print jobs submitted at the Library may only be retrieved at a Library printer (not a printer on main campus).

Rates per page at the Library

  • $0.15 for black and white
  • $0.50 for color

Library Printing for Users not Affiliated with Loyola or Notre Dame

We no longer support public printing for other members of the community. Community members will continue to have access to scanning services.


Two scanners are available for use by all library patrons. 

  • Free of charge
  • Documents can be emailed or placed on flash drive