Available Spaces

Where can I study?

Quiet, individual study locations can be found throughout the building. In addition, these rooms are available for study when not reserved for classes or events:

Where can we meet as a group?

First Level is an active learning space. Coffee shop conversation levels are encouraged and group meetings are welcome. Other rooms are available for groups:

Where can my class meet?

These rooms must be scheduled in advance by the faculty member.

Where can I hold an event?

These rooms must be scheduled in advance.

Meeting Spaces

Administrative Conference Room (2006)

Location: 2nd Floor 
Seats: 10 at conference table
Equipment: Glass dry erase board
Food: Permitted
Reserve the Administrative Conference Room

Board Room (3028)

Location: 3rd Floor near windows facing Loyola
Seats: 18 at conference table. Accommodates up to 38
Equipment: 98” display with external speakers, webcam, project using either local PC with wireless keyboard/mouse or BYOD using Barco dongles
Food: Permitted, Full meals allowed
Reserve: Contact Access Services Operations Supervisor at aatkins2@loyola.edu

Collaboratory (1038)

The reconfigurable room is designed to highlight active learning, allowing students and faculty to use multiple types of devices to share information and collaborate.

Location: 1st Floor
Seats: 20
Equipment: Moveable furniture, Projection capabilities to TV via Solstice Pod and your device or 1 of 7 iPads available in the room, Dry erase boards
Food: Permitted
Usage: Study | group | class | event
Reserve the Collaboratory (available for general use when not reserved)

Cyber Café with Vending Machines

The Cyber Café provides food and beverage from vending machines with a variety of study seating.

Location: 1st Level near parking lot entrance
Seats: Mixture of high and low tables
Equipment: none
Food: Permitted
Usage: STUDY 

Ferguson Gallery

Its primary purpose is the display of art created by Loyola and Notre Dame faculty and students, though it may also be scheduled for special events planned by faculty, administration or staff of the two institutions. 

Location: 1st Floor entrances
Seats: Many
Equipment: Technology may be made available upon request
Food: When reserving the space, arrangements for food, drink, and tables must be made.
Reserve: Contact Access Services Operations Supervisor, at aatkins2@loyola.edu
Additional: As events held in the Gallery are disruptive for students and others who use the space for academic purposes, the library administration reserves the right to limit the number and nature of events held in the Gallery. These limitations are based on the amount of academic use the library as a whole sees at various points in the semester (final exams & study periods, etc.), and approvals for use of this space are made by the library administration on a case-by-case basis.

Group Study Rooms

Location: 1st Floor and 3rd Floor
Seats: Varies from 2-5
Equipment: No technology available
Food: Permitted
Usage: STUDY 
Reserve a Group Study Room

IDEA Space

The IDEA Space is an idea laboratory that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary projects among students, faculty, and staff.
Location: 1st Floor
Seats: 24 
Equipment: Viz Wall with personal device projection, built-in browser, annotation tools, and touchscreen; Collaboration Station (project your device); Dry erase boards; Messy cart for rapid prototyping; partitions available to create a classroom-like space
Food: Permitted
Reserve the Idea Space (available for general use when not reserved)

Instruction Labs (A & B)

The Loyola/Notre Dame Library is the primary campus venue supporting information literacy education. During the first half of each semester, priority scheduling for the Instruction Labs is given to librarian-led instruction sessions requested by teaching faculty. 

Reserve an Instruction Lab (Faculty who wish to teach a class in one of these labs may submit a reservation request; Students may not reserve the instructional labs). 

Lab A (1024)
Location: 1st floor near St. John’s Bible
Seats: 20, flexible furniture
Equipment: 20 PC laptops & instructor PC, screen & projector
Food: Permitted

Lab B (1026)
Location: 1st floor
Seats: 30
Equipment: Instructor PC, screen & projector
Food: Permitted

Level 2 Seminar Room (2018)

Location: 2nd Floor in the back near large window
Seats: 10 at conference table. Room for 4-6 around perimeter
Equipment: Technology may be available upon request
Food: Permitted
Reserve Level 2 Seminar Room

Ridley Auditorium (L045)

Location: Lower Level
Seats: 100 (stadium-style)
Equipment: Assistive Listening Device, Project DVDs, laptop content onto large screen; laptops adapters and microphones available upon request; two podiums (one dedicated to Notre Dame)
Food: Permitted
Reserve Ridley Auditorium
Additional: The Library must ensure that all media screenings taking place in the auditorium are in compliance with copyright law. Such screenings will be approved on a case-by-case basis. The auditorium is wheelchair accessible at the back via the main entrance. The front is wheelchair accessible via an elevator. The key to the elevator may be requested at the Help Desk. 

Screening Room (L010)

Location: Lower Level
Seats: 24 armchair-style seats with swiveling desktops
Equipment: screen, DVD & VHS player, laptop
Food: Permitted
Reserve Screening Room
Additional: The Library must ensure that all media screenings taking place in the auditorium are in compliance with copyright law. Such screenings will be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Use Media Screening Request form to checkout library content.

VR Classroom (1022)

Location: First Floor
Seats: 1 Standing and 3 Seated
Equipment: HTC Vive, One Button Studio, Green Screen
Food: Not permitted
Reserve VR Classroom