Faculty Information


Loyola Notre Dame Library connects each subject discipline with a librarian liaison who develops collaborative relationships with faculty about collections, scholarship and instruction, and library services. Find your liaison.

What your librarian can do for you:

  • Communicate library resources and services
  • Purchase materials to support your curriculum and faculty research
  • Create or update research guides with library resources for your students
  • Support new tenure-track faculty at Loyola and new permanent, full-time faculty at Notre Dame through financial support for research and teaching through faculty members’ first three semesters
  • Offer consultation on topics including information literacy instruction, records management and archives, resource sharing and access, copyright, research data management, and metadata

How you can collaborate with the library:

  • Share information about your program with the library, including new degrees, new course offerings, new faculty appointments, and upcoming accreditation visits
  • Utilize expertise in the field and knowledge of curriculum to recommend collection materials for purchase and retention
  • Link to library resources from your online course management system
  • Communicate library-related needs, concerns and suggestions




Archives and Special Collections

Faculty Library Committee

The Faculty Library Committee provides a valuable connection between the Library and the faculty members of each university. Committee input is crucial to the Library’s ability to serve faculty in their research and instruction efforts. The Committee is comprised of full-time faculty who represent different academic areas of each institution.

Loyola University Maryland Committee Members

Dr. Remi Chiu, Department of Fine Arts
Dr. Qi Shi, School of Education
Dr. Kevin Hula, Department of Political Science
Dr. Tim McNeese, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Xuefeng Liu, School of Business

Notre Dame of Maryland University Committee Members

Dr. Jennifer Bailey, School of Pharmacy
Dr. Virginia Byer, School of Nursing
Dr. Jennifer Erdman, Department of History
Dr. Stephanie Savick, School of Education